Organic Green Tea

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Green Tea or Black (Regular Tea), is that the question that you are pondering about? Well, the bottom line is to have both. Albeit, listen to your heart and give more leverage for the Green if it says so.
OK, but why green tea, you may ask. Well, in today's world, the new and yes, the rightful mantra is making rounds. The less processed the food, the better. It's the common sense of course although there shall be exceptions as always. Well, Green tea is much less processed as compared to regular black tea i.e.; tea leaves. The less process means there more antioxidants, more polyphenols in tea leaves. These are the compounds that give flavor and aroma to the tea that you drink. By the way, antioxidants too are becoming a household name. It is the antioxidants which prolong our life span, allow us to grow old goldenly and prevent or minimize various serious disorders and diseases like many types of cancers, cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer's, arthritis. And it definitely is a treat in fevers and inflammations with its anti-inflammatory effects.
Bored with all this medical funda? Here is a tip. Just grab a smartphone or hop onto your laptop, desktop or whatever and order pure, organic green tea right now! You brew whatever tea you have now and sip on it. If you happen to try our green tea, well you have plenty of choices; Lemon, Mint, or Tulsi Green tea and many more rich flavors. Just sip on the divine aroma and flavor of organic green tea and you will be sprite and the upbeat whole day

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