Organic Dry Garlic Powder

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Typical Indian spicy food just cannot go without onion, garlic, ginger and the special one, garlic. An ancient Egyptian medical papyrus has about 22 different uses of garlic documented. The bulb or the stem of garlic is used as spice or condiment, either in cooked, raw, or fried form. Daily or regular organic garlic consumption is recommended, as a taste as well as health enhancer, but on many Indian religious occasions, use of onion and garlic is prohibited. In the production of garlic, China is the largest producer in the world.
Healthy organic garlic powder contains ingredient allicin which stimulates blood circulation to sexual organs and so is considered to have aphrodisiac properties. Garlic has a compound called allicin, which has powerful antibiotic and antifungal properties and helps to reduce ""bad"" cholesterol. Garlic is a very good source of potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, selenium, zinc, zeaxanthin, and vitamin C. Cold sores and acne can be treated by applying organic garlic juice directly to the skin.
Whenever available, always go for fresh organic garlic, but can always order online and keep a backup supply in reserve of organic dry garlic powder. Organic dry garlic powder is available which is free-flowing and can be easily and evenly mixed with other ingredients. The bulbs, as well as the leaves, both are used in special recipes. Recipes using tender garlic leaves like soups, chutneys, and snacks just taste wonderful. You can get pure and natural organic garlic powder online and the taste and health of your family are just fingertips away.