Organic Dry Fig (Anjeer)

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Ficus carica or fig belongs to the mulberry family. Organic fig lineage can be traced back to wild varieties that grew millions of years ago and there were figs when first humans appeared on earth. Organic figs have been farmed for 11000 years, even before wheat and barley. Don’t be surprised to know that fig is not a fruit, but an enclosed inflorescence of flowers. Natural organic figs taste great both fresh and dried. Fig trees provide a natural habitat and shelter for many birds, small animals, and bats. Turkey, Egypt, and Algeria are the leading organic fig producers
Best quality organic figs are an excellent source of dietary fiber and energy and also supply a fair quantity of vitamin B complex, C, E, and K. They are storehouse of abundant calcium, magnesium, potassium, and phosphorus, which promotes bone density and help prevent osteoporosis as well as lowers blood pressure. Dried organic figs have high sugar content, so diabetics should keep an eye on their intake. Organic figs contain powerful antioxidants which neutralize free radicals in your body.
From August through October is the fig season and just go and grab branded and certified organic figs online. Always, try to go for whenever they are available fresh, but you can always get them throughout the year in online shops. Even if you are not a baking master, just give a try for making sugarless whole wheat muffins using organic dry fig puree and other dry fruits of your choice.

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