Organic Cinnamon (Dalchini)

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All you spice lovers, if you were living in Europe in the middle ages, did you know what was costlier than gold? No marks for guessing here; Cinnamon or Dalchini of course. All Europeans depended for their spice supply on Portuguese who had a monopoly of the spice trade. This particular spice - cinnamon came from Sri Lanka (erstwhile Ceylone) and Malabar coast of India, the places where this spice was natively grown, and so it was costlier than gold. But now, don't worry, with an entire globe under one roof, at sweet comforts of your cozy home with your smartphone, you can order online truly organic Cinnamon - Dalchini, that world-famous spice at much much less price than gold.

Organic Cinnamon (dried inner bark) contains various essential oils containing Cinnamaldehyde, with antimicrobial properties and phyto compounds with antioxidant effects, which makes it a formidable natural weapon against various disorders. It promotes neural health and may help in Alzheimer's. Good enough reason to use cinnamon in moderation of course in addition to a variety of other spices.
Natural and healthy organic cinnamon - dalchini is used in various cuisines, both sweet and spicy, various vegetables, curries, pulav's, sweet rice, cakes, down to tea and coffee. The medical benefits include prevention of cancers and various infections. For teenagers get rid of acne problem by applying organic cinnamon powder mixed with honey. Recent research in Israel has shown positive results against HIV too.