Organic Clove (Lavang)

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Do you know that cloves or Lavang as it is popularly called in India, is actually a flower bud? Of course, Cloves, are part of most of the spice preparations as well as of many curries, vegetable dishes, and yes mouth watering Biryanis and Pulavs. Of course, it is not just the spicy dishes that demand cloves, but sweet dishes too.
The Organic cloves, like other spices, not just add flavor and aroma to our dishes, but also provide us a powerful shield against many infections as well as diseases. The clove contains powerful antioxidant - mainly essential oil called Eugenol and also vitamin C. Both are highly beneficial to our health. Additionally, they also contain flavonoids and other compounds of great medicinal value. Cloves are very useful as a painkiller due to antimicrobial properties and can protect from dental decay and gum diseases like gingivitis and clove oil is an active ingredient in some toothpastes. It is also found useful, as per some studies, fighting against lung cancer and cervical cancer. Cloves may also provide liver protection and as per Ayurveda, it is immunity booster. Lavang is an aphrodisiac in Unani medicine.
All said and done, move your fingertips and order the very Pure Organic Cloves right now, and remember, with any spices, Moderation is the Key to avoid unpleasant effects. There is a whole range of simply delicious tempting sweet delights like sweet coconut rice dish ( Narali Bhaat), Kheer, Sheera / Halwa (a sweet porridge made from semolina) and so on. You can even try a pinch of organic clove powder in pudding, cake, or smoothy recipe for a change.