Organic Chitra Kidney Beans/Rajma

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Rajma or Kidney Bean is a type of common bean which dates back to 8000 years ago. They are native legumes to Mexico and Central America. It is now cultivated in many places like India, South Korea, China, the United States of America and Italy. It has a nutty taste and is soft after cooking. Organic Rajma doesn’t take long to cook and tastes great in any dish.
Organic Rajma Beans are great for our health. Firstly, they are a great source of protein and dietary fiber. It is known to improve heart conditions and to keep the cholesterol levels under check. It is low in fat and calories and can be very helpful for weight loss. Natural organic Rajma aids in reducing cataract symptoms due to the presence of Vitamin B3. It also relieves rheumatoid arthritis due to the abundant copper content. It also helps in asthma patients. Rajma is good for diabetics as it is low in sugar. It is known to reduce migrants due to the magnesium and stabilization of blood pressure. It helps in repairing damaged tissues as well as improving memory and cognition.
Organic Rajma not only tastes great with rice but also in many other dishes as well. The Mexican burrito and Korean bean noodles are examples of it. You can try adding it to different salads. Branded organic rajma tastes great even with various Indian breads.

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