Organic Cardamom Whole (Choti Elaichi)

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If there is one spice with a truly heavenly aroma and flavour, well look no further. Just order online, best organic Cardamom right now and you shall have the most delicious heaven right at your home on earth. Is it costly? Of course, it is! It is world's third costliest spice after saffron and vanilla. The aroma, flavour, and health you get in return are worth it. And you need it just in miniscule quantity.
No doubt, cardamom is a great aromatic and flavouring spice, but it has equally great medicinal value due to its antioxidant properties and aromatic oils. A huge population in Indian (and Asian) subcontinent drink quite regularly tea or coffee boiled with cardamom. As per Ayurveda, cardamom helps in digestion by promoting the secretion of digestive juices. Due to its anti-microbial properties, it helps cure mouth ulcers and prevents bad breath. The cardamom also promotes blood circulation especially in lungs and improves breathing.
You can add this spice by grinding seeds into powder to many dishes like kheer, sheera / halwa and even to drinks like thandai and raw mango panha. In fact, any sweet dish shall be more cherishing with cardamom. Of course, spicy dishes do not fall behind in acquiring this aromatic spice. Pulav / Biryani, malai kofta are just some to name, amply enriched with cardamom. As per Chinese tradition, daily cardamom tea prolongs life span as cardamom drives out toxins from our system. So don't miss out on this life elixir traditionally used in Ayurveda and Chinese medicine. Prepare and mix dry fruits and organic cardamom powder with hot milk daily and have an energizing day ahead.