Organic Black Salt

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The word salt comes from the Latin word 'sal' and the word 'salary' comes from the word salt. Salt has been used in tanning, bleaching, dyeing, pottery and soap making and today is used hugely in the chemical industry. Organic black salt is dark brown or pink in color and tastes as usual salty, but with a typical sulfurous, boiled-egg smell due to natural sulfur content. Natural organic black salt is rich in iron and is obtained from salt mines in Northern India and Pakistan. It has many medicinal properties and is used in Ayurvedic medicine.
Organic black salt contains comparatively less sodium than other salts and more of other mineral salts. It is less processed and less iodized and so is more beneficial. As it contains hydrogen sulphide, it is used as a digestive aid in Ayurvedic medicine to treat indigestion, constipation, and heartburn. So, order and buy the best quality organic black salt to prepare home remedies for these ailments like ginger juice mixed with organic black salt or just rub it on your skin to get rid of clogged pores. It also detoxifies your system; just drink black salt and warm water solution every morning.
In healthy and natural organic black salt, there are no anti-caking agents added to make it free-flow and is not exposed to the unnatural refining process, which makes it healthier. Go ahead and buy the best quality black salt to make your chaats, salads, juices, and pickles tastier.

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