Organic Black Rice

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China produces the worlds highest quantity of black rice. It is also consumed on a large scale in China. Other Asian countries such as Phillipines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and India are the other growers of this type of rice. Mostly consumed in China, it was for some reason restricted even to cultivate black rice as it was probably considered something unique and worthy of only the royal family or the rulers of the land
Organic black rice contains antioxidants and a number of nutrients that are known to fight cancer. It also has the highest amount of protein content as compared to other rice varieties and can be a part of a diet plan if you wish to gain muscle through proteins. Black rice is also consumed to keep weight in check as it has low fiber content and low carbohydrates. It gives people the freedom and satisfaction to consume rice and still manage to control their weight.
Black rice has a different texture and a unique earthen flavor to it. Cooking black rice to the right level of softness is critical. Since most of it is produced and consumed in China, black rice often is a part of Chinese cuisine and is often consumed as a sweet dessert preparation. To make a sweet porridge with black rice, it is soaked overnight before being boiled in a mixture of water and coconut milk until the grains are soft enough to chew. Adding cashews and almonds to garnish can work up a wonderful and royal dessert after a meal.