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Black Kidney Beans are a type of Kidney beans but are slightly smaller in size and softer to eat. The Red Kidney beans cannot be eaten raw or undercooked due to the presence of dangerous phytohemagglutinin which has the potential to make you very sick or could be very toxic for your body leading to death but black kidney beans are very safe to eat raw after soaking in water for a while.
Organic Black Kidney Beans are very beneficial to our health. They are a good source of calcium, magnesium, iron, manganese, copper, and zinc and help in maintaining our bone strength. They are helpful in lowering blood pressure. They have no added sugar which helps in keeping a check on our blood sugar levels, hence a healthy option for diabetic people. It also helps in keeping heart diseases at bay. It is a good source of fiber which helps in digestion of food and of selenium which prevents inflammation in the body.
One can add Black Kidney Beans to any kind of salad. You can also try making hummus with black kidney beans. It tastes great as an appetizer as well. Mostly used in Mexican cuisine, one can enjoy it in falafels or burritos. Black Kidney Beans taste great in pesto pasta or along with baked potatoes as a side salad.

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