Organic Basmati Rice (White)

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Statistics have shown that more than half of the world’s population consumes rice as a major portion of their daily diet. That’s 6 Billion plus people consuming various variety of rice on a daily basis.
Basmati rice is long-grained rice that is not of a fragrant variety. Its long grains often make it slightly hard to cook and it can also be slightly difficult to digest. Often forming the main base of the popular rice dish – the Biryani (it comes in mutton, chicken and vegetables variety too). Check out a popular recipe here on our website.
Since Basmati rice is well-known for its flavor and its unique taste and fresh white color while cooking, it has quickly become a favorite among those who love good food. Since it grows in select regions and can be a bit hard to grow, the organic basmati rice demands a premium price. No wonder it is also known as the rice of the rich and famous as it is in the premium pricing range. Often times, Basmati rice is used in a special dish or a preparation during a feast or when entertaining guests of honor.

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