Organic Shimla Apple

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An Apple is probably one of the first words that we learn in the English language. It is also a widely available fruit and is grown almost all over the world in about 7,500 varieties. A popular practice of applying wax to the outer skin after harvesting apples is aimed at keeping them fresh for longer periods. Using natural ingredients for the wax is a good practice. Apples are one of the popular fruits that find its use in most of the world cuisines. From welcome drinks to desserts, apples find a place in almost all the courses of a meal.
The apple skin is said to have more vital nutrients and anti-oxidants than the inner parts. The seeds or pits as they are called are toxic and may prove fatal if consumed in large quantities as they contain cyanide a deadly poison. Apple pie or Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) a popular breakfast or health drink consumed by many is helpful to fight diabetes, takes good care of your heart and helps prevent aging.
Take a best quality organic Shimla apple and eat it just like that or slice it up and put it in your breakfast cereal. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

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