Alphonso - organically grown

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Organically Grown Alphonso Mango
1. 1 dozen Alphonso Mangoes (12 pcs)
2. Each mango is above 135-189 grams in size

Being a native of India and Burma, mango later spread to other Southeast Asian countries and even reached California. Mango is the most consumed freshly cut fruit in the world. records of mango trees are found in the epics from India dated to 5000 years back. Summer in the western and southern parts of India is incomplete without eating farm-fresh mangoes (Amba). The mango tree also is considered a sacred one for Hindus. Often the leaves of the mango tree are strung in marigold garlands to decorate homes and door frames on religious occasions or weddings. Healthy and 100% organically grown Alphonso mangoes help in regulating diabetes, fighting cancer, cleansing skin.

Eating organic mangoes is also known to help digestion, keep healthy skin and even lower cholesterol. Of course, consuming in the right quantities is important and too much of anything can be very troublesome to the digestive tract.
A delicacy from the western state of Maharashtra is the pulp of the alphonso mango. Order organically grown Alphonso mangoes and squeeze the pulp out of about half a dozen of them into a vessel. Add half a cup of milk and some sugar to taste and blend to a fine consistency. Consume chilled or at room temperature along with fried puris. Sometimes a bowl of fresh mango pulp is also garnished with a slice of mango and a cherry to add color and taste when consumed as a dessert.

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