Khapli Wheat (Khapli gahu)

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Khapli Wheat is also called as Emmer Wheat. It is a type of awned wheat and has tetraploidy. The main way of differentiating between the wild and domestic type is that the ripened seed head of the wild plant shatters and scatters the seed on the ground, whereas in the emmer variety, the seed head remains intact which makes it easier to harvest. It is the most important source of carbohydrates. Wheat is grown on approximately 218,000,000 hectares, larger than any other crop ever.
Emmer or Khapli wheat has so many health benefits. Organic Khapli Wheat is high in nutrients and is good for our health as carbohydrates are the main source of energy to our body. It has been known to cure diabetes Type 2 and battle obesity. It boosts the metabolism and keeps us healthy. It has the capacity to lower our blood pressure and lipid levels. It is highly therapeutic and medicinal. It can aid in keeping our heart in a good condition and maintaining the blood sugar level.
There are so many delicious recipes that you can try with emmer or Khapli wheat. You can make a Khapli wheat porridge and garnish it with some cashews and raisins for a lovely and wholesome breakfast. You can also prepare a dessert, Khapli wheat kheer to enjoy after dinner or lunch for those with a sweet tooth.

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