Elovra Hand Sanitizer (Nutriorg)

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Nutriorg Elovra Hand Sanitizer is applied on hands to remove common pathogens (disease-causing germs). It usually comes in liquid form. It is employed as a simple means of infection control in a wide variety of settings (Indoors & Outdoors). Major hand sanitizers have high amounts of alcohol that kills the germs but makes your skin dry and takes away its moisture while evaporating. But the Nutriorg Ayurvedic Hand Sanitizer kills 99.99 % of Germs along with nourishing your skin.

  •  It contains Aloe vera, Tea-tree Oil, Lemon, Neem, Tulsi, and Mint that takes care of your skin. 
  •  It immediately denatures proteins, effectively neutralizing certain types of microorganisms.
  • It moisturizes and sustains skin health.
  • Use it numerous times without any worries.