About Us

  • Orgpick is more than just an Organic Farm.
  • As the name suggests, it comprises of an entire universe around Organic Farming.
  • Orgpick is not only a provider of fresh Organic Produces but represents the entire ecosystem of connected activities.
  • We understand that the Fresh Organic Produces food industry runs on two very important Things: TRUST & TASTE.
  • The combination of these two “T” is the only successful formula that works in the fresh Organic Produces industry.
  • Orgpick takes pride in being one of the largest producer, supplier, and exporter of premium quality Fresh Organic Produces.

Why Organic

Organically Produced

Organically produced by using natural resources

Daily Hand Picked

Using hand picking methods to ensure no damage is done to the vegetables or fruits.

Supported by Nature

Farming techniques are completely based on naturally available resources.

Tastes better

OUR Organic products ensures delicious mouthwatering taste.

Super Healthy

With highest nutritious values, our products helps you to be more healthy.

Supports Local Economy

Our farming techniques helps to generate employment locally.


Directly Pick From Farm

It’s all about the family and freshness here. This family owned operation is all about good food and good times. None can defeat the taste of Fresh Vegetables or the flavour of Fresh Fruits Picked directly from the farm. Orgpick is here to Erase your efforts for searching and Trusting the Fresh Vegetables and Fruits.

Orgpick Pvt Ltd