Pure Citronella Essential Oil(Boon Organic)

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Citronella is a grass mainly grown in Asian and South Pacific countries. Organic Citronella essential oil is extracted from two types of Citronella. One, Ceylon citronella and two, Java citronella. Pure Organic Citronella essential oil extracted from Java citronella is considered to be of high quality because it is higher in concentrations. It has a very rich and lemony aroma.
Pure Organic Citronella Essential Oil is highly used in diffusers to boost the mood and keep the air fresh and fragrant. High-quality organic citronella essential oil keeps insects away, relieves spasm, and removes bad odor.
100% Organic Citronella essential oil is also used as a flavoring ingredient in food and beverages for its citrusy flavor and aroma. It also helps control bactaria.