Organic Moong Dal or Split Green Gram(Skinless)[MeraKisan]

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MeraKisan Organic Moong Dal (splited) or Split Green Gram is of high quality, lighter and easier to digest. It Helps Reduce Weight and Fights Obesity. MeraKisan Organic Moong Dal (splited) helps Lower blood pressure, Controls cholesterol, has Anti-Toxic Benefits and reduces heart disease risk.
Organic Green Grams help in fighting obesity and lowering blood pressure. It improves the quality of skin and aids in boosting immunity to protect us against infections. It is known to considerably reduce the risks of cancer and help those with PMS symptoms. It is known as one of the best Indian superfoods. It is a common part of detox diets that help people get rid of the toxic substances in the body. It is extremely high in fiber and hence helps in the better passage of food through the digestive tract.
Organic Green Grams can be eaten in so many ways! Almost all the Asian cuisines have minimum three dishes that use this variety. You can try steaming them and adding red chilli powder, chopped onions, chopped tomatoes and salt to it for a lovely evening snack. You can try adding it to various salads for a healthy meal.