Organic Indrayani Rice[MeraKisan]

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Indrayani rice of a special rice variety grown in the Maval region situated in the Pune District. This variety has its own characteristic aroma which has not been recorded in other rice variety. It usually is medium size grain and has a rich taste accompanied by a comparatively softer texture.
Rice is a part of our staple diet and Indians have grown to include rice in almost all the meals of their day but with rice, comes in the inevitable weight gain. Organically grown Indrayani Rice is a healthy step towards a fit lifestyle life. It is full of goodness as it an excellent source of minerals like niacin. It also has Vitamin D which usually is available in a very small number of sources. It also contains high amounts of calcium, fiber, iron, thiamine, and riboflavin. Besides, organic foods have the additional advantage of improving our health due to the absence of toxic fertilizers and pesticides. Organic rice helps in keeping you healthy and happy.
Organic Indrayani Rice can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. From homely khichadi to a piping hot biryani. You can even make vegetable pulav using organic Indrayani rice and eat it with a side of stew or curry. Due to its medium grain size and brittle nature, it can be used to make sweet rice kheer, a children’s favorite.