Organic Brown Rice

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Brown rice is a natural and unprocessed whole grain. It is tender as compared to white rice and has a nutty taste. White rice is just the same but with the hull, bran layer and cereal germ removed. Brown rice needs a little longer time to cook than white rice but is softer and preferred by children. It has a decent shelf life. Rice is a staple food item which is considered to be extremely high in carbohydrates but brown rice is a healthier option. It is grown and cultivated across the world.
Natural organic brown rice comprises of a remarkable amount of vitamins, minerals, and useful compounds. Intake of this rice is not just a preventive measure against numerous health conditions, including diabetes and heart disease, but also it works towards the improvement in such health conditions. Organic brown rice is low in fat and high in energy. It is a good source of folate which helps the body in forming new cells by the process of regeneration. It is also rich in iron which carries the oxygen in our hemoglobin.
Brown rice can be used in pulav and biryanis as well. It is a perfect replacement of white rice and is healthier than it. You can even use it in different cuisine dishes like the chipotle bowls or risottos.