Organic Pearl Millet Flour (Pristine) 500 GM

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Bajra or the Pearl millet is the most widely grown millet since prehistoric times, mainly in Africa and South Asia. Bajra plant is highly heat and draught tolerant, so it thrives well in areas where water supply is limited. Organic bajra flour can be used as a healthy substitute for wheat or rice since it is gluten free and has low glycemic index. Organic bajra is also used as cattle feed and poultry feed.
Healthy organic bajra flour should be consumed fresh as it has short shelf life when compared to other cereals. Nowadays, people are becoming health conscious and natural organic bajra flour demand is increasing. Pristine natural and organic bajra flour is rich in fiber and reduces secretion of bile acids and aids in digestion. Being high in fiber content, it curbs hunger and helps in weight loss. Best certified organic bajra flour has a good deal of phosphorus followed by calcium and iron.
Consumption of best organic bajra flour on a daily basis is recommended especially in winter season, but you can mix organic rice flour or organic jowar flour in equal proportions and use throughout the year. You can try this unique recipe using Pristine healthy organic bajra flour. Make thick batter using buttermilk and leave for 2-3 hours. Add sprouted lentils or soaked dals to it with chilli flakes, grated ginger and salt to taste. Pour this in a greased vessel and steam it for 15-20 minutes. Cut 2-inch cubes out of it and serve with coconut chutney.