Organic Amchoor Powder

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If you want a north Indian touch to your recipe, you can't do without natural organic amchoor powder. Fresh, green raw mangoes are used to prepare healthy organic amchoor powder. It is a fruity spice used as citrusy seasoning. It is an essential ingredient of many north Indian dishes, and without organic amchoor powder they are not complete or perfect. As mangoes are not available throughout the year, the mouthwatering raw mango taste can be enjoyed using healthy organic amchoor powder in your recipes.
Natural healthy organic amchoor powder mainly is loaded with vitamin A, E, C, calcium, iron and antioxidants. It is also used in Ayurvedic medicines for better digestion, treat diarrhea, fight acidity and treat urinary tract infections. For anemic patients, when included in their diet, best natural organic amchoor supplies abundant iron and cures iron deficiency. Rubbing and washing your face with organic amchoor relieves you from acne.
You can use online purchased healthy organic amchoor powder in place of lemons, fresh raw mangoes when they are unavailable. It has longer shelf life and is required in small quantities. A very healthy and tasty recipe you can try is tangy and sour potato paneer salad. For this, you need to mash boiled potatoes, add chopped paneer, tomatoes, coriander, yogurt, organic amchoor powder and salt as per taste. Everybody will just love it!