Organic Black Rice[Mera Kisan]

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Often called the forbidden rice, black rice is probably underrated due to its color. Ancient Chinese royalty had exclusive control over this type of rice. It was cultivated and consumed only for them in the past. Naturally, they had realized about the health benefits of this rice and 'forbidden' it to be grown commonly. This has now however changed and it is cultivated in small quantities as compared to the regular white rice varieties.
Best quality organic black rice is great source antioxidants. Those suffering from diabetes can safely consume black rice without any side effects on their blood sugar levels. Black rice is also known to have the highest amount of protein content as compared to other rice varieties. Since it has low carbs and low fibers, black rice is also consumed to prevent obesity.
Black rice tastes different than its white varieties. It has a certain earthen flavor to it. The consistency to chew is also quite different than the regular white rice. In Asian countries, black rice is often consumed as a sweet dessert preparation. Black rice is usually soaked overnight but can also be given a couple of hours to soak before being boiled in water and coconut milk until the grains are soft enough to chew. Adding organic dry fruits and organic sugar can make this an excellent breakfast porridge that is healthy and nutritious.