Organic Ginger Powder(Geo-Fresh)

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Ginger is not just Indian cuisine but is also a vital spice in Japanese, European, Chinese, and Thai cuisines. Organic Ginger Powder(Sonth) is popularly used in preparing tea masalas and to marinate tandoori starters. Geo-fresh organic dry ginger powder is a rich source of calcium, iron, protein, and it reduces inflammation, and unclogs pores and kill acne-causing bacteria.
The health benefits of ginger powder include aid in weight loss efforts, dry ginger powder together with sugar cane juice is used to cure stomach irritation. It is also beneficial for relieving headaches. Fresh organic ginger is a better diaphoretic, better for cold, cough, vomiting and deranged Vata.
You can order 100% certified organic ginger powder online to make your tea tasty, aromatic and Kadak.